Principals Desk

Vidhate-MadamEducation plays an important role in the progress of a nation- especially women’s education. Women of our nation have aspirations to contribute to nation building and imbibe the virtues and qualities of patriotism, integrity and leadership.

Empowering the women of our country to achieve these dreams is at the centre of the school’s ambition. Maharashtra Education Society has imparted quality education to thousands of students over more than 150 years of its existence and is a pioneer in starting the first girls’ sainik school in the country.

The honed and skilled students of the school not only feed into the defence wing of India but also strengthen its resolve of protecting our country. We recognize that our partnership with government, NGOs and the civil society has been central to our success over the last 18 years and I offer my deep gratitude to the stakeholders including the parents and the students.

I look forward to contributing to the glorious future of India by developing its leaders of tomorrow together with my colleagues and the staff at the school.

Dr. Sulbha Nitin Vidhate